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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Massachusetts Moves In The Right Direction On Compensation For Teachers.

Teacher Merit Pay Tied to Education Gains

Published: October 4, 2005

BOSTON, Sept. 29 - Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts has a bold plan to improve public education in his state. It involves new laptops for students, new science and math teachers and, the most ambitious component of all, merit pay tied to classroom performance that could add $5,000 or more to a teacher's annual salary.

Of course, the teacher's union doesn't think pay for performance is a good idea.

"Mostly, they object to his merit pay system, calling it exclusionary and potentially dangerous for pitting teachers against each other".

Um, competition in the workplace. Well we can't have that, not in a free market economy. You be the judge, but it sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe we'll get some motivated teachers that will do what it takes to actually TEACH. For too long, teacher's have complained that they should be paid a higher salary. Now they have that opprotunnity, but they will have earn it.


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