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Monday, February 27, 2006

Moving Along by Ari Kaufman

This is a great article by Ari Kaufman posted here at The American Thinker .

Here's a snipit;

It is so ridiculously hypocritical that even a liberal Berkeley alum-friend of mine could attest to this when he mused,

“These protesters, disallowing Conservative speech are the same people who spend all their efforts fighting for limitless free speech.”

Indeed the very same people who support organizations like the ACLU, and who purport to protect free speech and the “civil liberties” of all Americans, at the moment that speech (pro-life, pro-war, pro-death penalty) comes into conflict with their missions, will line up to quell those words.

My Berkeley graduate friend told me of an incident when he worked for Americorps. One day, environmental folks were complaining about the usual: SUVs polluting the air, the need for alternative energy sources and the like. But, in a moment of sheer hypocrisy, when my buddy encouraged everyone to “take action” and walk the 3/4 mile to work instead of drive, no one volunteered. Apparently, their motivation to save the earth was not strong enough to overcome the lure of an air-conditioned van, avoiding a 15 minute walk on a humid day in Georgia.


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