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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Taxpayer Funded Spread Of Islam In Our Public Schools.

Little Green Footballs posts a story about the Supreme Court's decision to not comment or hear arguments on the California school district's course on Islam here. LGF reader "nonic" makes a good point about the new make up of the court contributing to the decision.

Here, is a really bad article on the actual situation. This site "Truth or Fiction", offers very little in the way of explaining what is being taught at this particular school. The article from the outset tries to marginalize the original objection as an "eRumor". They do not directly answer the questions posed in the "eRumor" about whether or not the religion of Islam is be pushed on the students. But, if you read carefully the answers are there and they seem to point to a big YES. The reason I post it is to show the spin that is going on around this issue.

This article from FrontPage, is much better than the Truth or Fiction piece. It actually does the research and posts quotes from the textbook in question.

This article from Concerned Women for America has links to the suggested lesson plan provided by the textbook publisher. Please pay particular attention to the section entitled "Whitewashing Islams History". It points out the disproportionate treatment of Islam compared to other religions, especially Christianity. The section entitled "Muslims Pleased" tells everything we need to know about the course, without having to read any more. If Muslims are pleased about the course then we know the course puts Islam in the absolutely best possible light.

A more indepth look at the suggested lesson plan is in this article at I strongly suggest that you follow the links in this article. The article points out very serious problems with the way the publisher suggests the lesson is to be taught. The lesson plan clearly puts emphasis on the teachings of Islam as fact as this graph shows.

If after reading these articles, you have any doubt about what students are being taught or whether they are being indoctrinated into Islam read this PDF handout. It is provided in an article at The Christian Action Network. This handout was given to students at the school named in the law suit. The handout specifically stated: From the beginning, you and your classmates will become Muslims. The handout also stated: One important Phase 3 activity is learning Islams Five Pillars of Faith by imitating a requirement of each Pillar. The article points out what the judges hearing the case said, "On December 20, 2003 U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton issued a 22-page ruling upholding the Byron Unified School program, saying that the course did not indoctrinate children into Islam, but rather only taught them about the Muslim religion.
Judge Hamilton (who was appointed by President Bill Clinton), said the program was devoid of any devotional or religious intent, and therefore educational, not religious." What was the decision of the 9th circiut court of appeals? Also, pointed out in the article, "Within a month, on November 17, the appellate court upheld the lower-court ruling, saying The Islam activities were not overt religious exercises that raise Establishment Clause concerns." Really? The handout contains this "Directions: Meet in your city and choose a name for each of you. Then neatly print your name and city on your ID tag, which you then wear around your neck while in class." and then gives a list of Islamic names. Is this act of religious observance in Islam? According to this answer at Islam Q&A muslims think so.

This article at clues us in on why Muslims are really pleased. Its because if the reports of what is being taught are true, their agenda is right on track. This next article at documents the legal fight on this issue.


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