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Friday, September 01, 2006

Two Years Ago On 9/1/04 The Beslan Massacre Occurred.

On that day 300 people, more than 150 of them children, were massacred by Sufi muslims. The Sufi brand of Islam is often considered the most moderate form of Islam. But is it really?

A search at Little Green Footballs for Beslan, turns up a wealth of information. Including this article entitled Sufi Jihad? by Andrew Bostom at American Thinker. In this article Dr. Bostom explores Sufi Islamic teaching and practices.

Who Ended Valerie Plame-Wilson's CIA Career?


There are several links here at Michelle Malkin's site in a story entitled PlameOut: An Emily Litella moment that provide examples of this line of thought.

Lorie Byrd at expands on the Emily Litella moments of the MSM with her column Never Mind

Sunday, August 27, 2006

IAF Airstrike Hits Reuters Armored Car?????

Little Green Footballs had a great post, yesterday about a Reuters News aromored press car being hit an Israeli missile. Like Mr. Johnson, I have serious doubts that the car was actually hit by a missile.

If you'll look at the last quote box from the story in the Bangkok Post, you'll see what is probably the REAL story. It says the car was hit by shrapnel from the impact of a missile hit as they drove nearby. A missile that actually hit what Israel says, was a tunnel complex and explosive warehouse.

THEY'RE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig are FREE!!!!

The two Fox News Journalists that were kiddnapped by Islamic thugs in Gaza have been released. This comes after two weeks in captivity and being FORCED to say they converted to Islam.

It's very funny to me, that a religion that claims to be peaceful does stuff like this all the time. I mean really, we've seen at least two stories recently of someone trying to leave Islam being threatened with a "LEGAL" execution. The God I worship, wants me to CHOOSE to follow him and not be FORCED in to it. Then, if I CHOOSE not to follow him, I'm sure he weeps for me and hopes for me to return, but he does not send a seething hoard to KILL me.

I could be wrong,BUT I'M NOT!